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Busy beauty NPD: Organic brands fuse ingestible beauty with on-the-go formats at Anuga 2019

From the showfloor of the ongoing Anuga 2019, trails its spotlight on the beauty from within trend, which is giving rise to food and nutraceutical products designed to help consumers meet their skin health and wellness targets. Intersecting the demand for ingestible beauty this year is the increasingly popular on-the-go consumption habit, which is driving a steady consumer appetite for ready meals and nutritious snacks.

Among the organic producers at Anuga 2019 is Germany-based Jarmino, which is showcasing its range of bone broth, collagen and protein powders, marketed within the beauty and sports sectors. The company’s plant-based protein powder product is made from hemp, which is an ingredient found across a broad range of organic products this year’s expo. The brand also offers green mixes, a combination of algae, wheatgrass and barley grass powders.

Our bone broth products function as ready meals,” says Benedikt Gundel, Co-Founder of Jarmino. “The best way to consume our bone broth is by heating it up and having it as a warm soup. You can add vegetables and spices depending on your preferences.

“We’ve been selling bone broth for three years now – we have beef, chicken and veal bone broth. Most of our customers are using our products for health reasons. They use it on a regular basis due to the collagen and the amino acids that are included,” he adds.

Coveted ageless skin has long been an ongoing target area for the skincare industry. While science has long flagged the importance of proper nutrition and hydration, topical applications continues to reign supreme. The space is, however, experiencing a refocus, with “beauty from within” evolving into a mega-trend and collagen supplementation becoming a staple in anti-aging skin regimens.

“Our target demographic is quite broad. Our consumer base is spread across the ages of 25 to 55. Collagen has a broad field of applications. Younger people use it for sports as an alternative to whey protein for supplementing lean muscle development. Older consumers use it for anti-aging purposes, such as promoting skin elasticity. As we age, the body’s ability to produce collagen is reduced,” explains Gundel.

Immunity-boosting elixirs
Within Anuga’s Organic Hall, Estonian company Chaga Health is showcasing its range of chaga mushroom-derived elixirs, available in sweetened and unsweetened varieties.

The brand Immuno Elixir is marketed as providing a boost for both adults’ and childrens’ immunity systems. In addition to the product’s hero ingredient chaga, the elixir comprises sea buckthorn, various nordic herbs and organic honey. Popular in nordic folklore, these ingredients are touted by the brand as having restorative and strengthening affects on the body, further aiding the prevention of various diseases. Immuno Elixir is safe to use on children from three years of age and above.

“Chaga mushrooms grow on birch trees, usually found in Canada, Scandinavia and Siberia. The medicinal mushroom market is trending globally,” a spokesperson of the brand tells NutritionInsight. “Chaga is anti-inflammatory and contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. There are over 200 bioactive substances in chaga mushrooms which work together.

“Europe, Asia and the US are our target markets. In the southern part of Europe, there is not so much awareness of chaga mushrooms. In the northern parts, like Scandinavia, chaga is well-known. Chaga is also known in China, where it is also cultivated.”

“We source our chaga from Estonia, where it grows naturally, in the forest and in the trees. It takes five years for chaga to mature and become harvestable. This is the optimum amount of time. However, there are cases in which 10 to 15-year-old chaga mushrooms are sometimes harvested.”

Fast nutrition

Gut-health remains a core nutritional target among consumers. Responding to this trend is Polish brand Purella Superfoods, which has innovated a line of nutritious snacks for easy on-the-go consumption.

Purella Superfoods’ BeRAW-branded probiotic cookies comprise up to 10 billion probiotic bacteria from the natural strain of Bacillus coagulans GBI - 30, which stimulates the immune system, helps maintain the overall balance of intestinal microflora. The addition of prebiotic chicory fiber to the product functions to nourish and guarantee the proper development of beneficial bacterial strains and improve digestive tract function.

“The innovative RAW cookie with soft filling is available in three delicious flavors: coconut, blueberry and coffee,” says Artur Gajewski, Marketing Director of Purella Superfoods. “Each cookie is prepared on the basis of the highest quality natural ingredients, without the addition of sugar or artificial ingredients. This delicious snack will be great as a healthy alternative to sweets, will satisfy hunger and, above all, thanks to probiotic bacteria will support the proper functioning of the digestive system.”

Also tapping into the growing market for nutritious on-the-go meals is Frau Ultrafrisch, which is at Anuga 2019 to showcase its range of instant ready meals that target time-starved consumers with a health conscience.

“Frau Ultrafrisch means snacks & convenience foods are newly defined. As a start-up in the food branch, my goal is to breathe new life into the snacks and convenience food world. Old cheap instant spice powders and ready-to eat meals are usually full with additives and cutting agents. Nobody wants to eat that anymore,” says Janina Otto, Founder of Frau Ultrafrisch.

The German start-up offers shelf-stable ready meals ranging from breakfast to dinner foods. Frau Ultrafrisch’s range includes organic, vegan and gluten-free breakfast bowls, similar to porridge in consistency, with a creamier texture from coconut powder. “Our lunch dishes just require the addition of hot water. Our smoothie snacks are made from 100 percent freeze-dried fruit and vegetables, with no additional sugar,” says Lena Effertz.

“We are tapping into the trend that people don’t have enough time to cook good food for themselves. People with busy schedules are seeking healthy alternatives to fast food. We seek to give people a good option for healthy, delicious meals that can be prepared in no time. We would like to add value to the trend of instant food. Most instant meals on the market are avoided by consumers because they are perceived as being full of chemicals,” adds Lena Effertz, Head of Marketing at the company.

Among other innovative food and beverage concepts currently showcased at Anuga 2019 are cannabidiol (CBD)-infused offerings, disruptive protein drinks and lab-grown meat cultivated in outer space

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