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CocoaVia unveils Memory+ supplement with simple packaging design

Packaging is differentiating Memory+ from Mars Edge’s existing CocoaVia supplement portfolio, while still aligning with the core brand. The branding from Straight Forward Design helps highlight the new products’ memory- and brain-boosting functionality.

“Competitor bottles were cluttered and cramped with an abundance of messaging, fonts and colors. The Memory+ design was kept clean and simple so the product would stand out on the shelf and the benefits would be understood very quickly,” Mike Foster, founder and creative director of Straight Forward Design, tells PackagingInsights.

According to four double-masked clinical studies, the cocoa flavanols in Memory+ can improve three different aspects of memory after eight to 12 weeks of daily use. Each three-capsule serving delivers 750 mg of cocoa flavanols.

Memory+ marks CocoaVia’s first offering that focuses on a specific health benefit. Its broad portfolio of daily cocoa extract supplements supports heart and brain health. Straight Forward Design’s creation is set up in a way that allows for future range extension and NPD.

However, the design breaks away and simplifies the previous design, which featured the core brand’s information in a box format.

According to the designers, reducing the size of the CocoaVia brand mark and maintaining its position on future products will also promote a consistent look and feel. It distinguishes the product as part of the CocoaVia portfolio, while leaving space for the sub-brand to stand out.

The bold cobalt bottle color can also be changed with future sub-brands.

Targeting older consumers
The new packaging positions Memory+ as a premium offering targeting a market of consumers above the age of 40 who are concerned with preserving memory and brain performance as they age.

“It was important to consider the different target audience for this new product. It required a more refined solution while creating standout in what is a crowded sub-genre in the health and wellness supplements sector,” says Foster.

This premium and differentiated look was achieved through the cobalt blue bottle, which also makes the capsules visible inside. It has a clear label focusing on the primary benefit of memory. The copy on the bottle is also larger to make it easier to read.

Meanwhile, the lid features user-friendly copy to communicate how the product should be taken to help consumers experience optimal memory benefits.

Memory is focalized
Memory is a serious concern for consumers, so the CocoaVia wanted the product benefit to be the real hero on pack, conveyed through clear, bold and premium design, explains Farrell Rodd, brand manager for CocoaVia.

“We loved that this design was not only a perfect fit for Memory+ and its consumers, but could also be extended to different products as the brand continues to grow into new spaces of health and wellness,” he adds.

NPD in the brain space has been proliferating. In June, Elysium Health launched a supplement including specific B vitamins to slow brain atrophy associated with age-related memory loss.

Meanwhile, Zymanite’s five-year R&D journey recently culminated in the revelation that the mango leaf extract ingredient can improve attention and memory.

Fonte: Nutrition Insight

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