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Givaudan’s skin health botanical boosters tap into Japanese beauty trends

Givaudan Active Beauty has unveiled #BeautyBoosters, a collection of botanicals that can promote skin health. In an effort to “capture the essence” of Japanese beauty (J-beauty) rituals, the company launched eight botanical extracts, including green tea, aloe vera, and lemon balm. The ingredients are ethically sourced and in combination support a complete skin care routine, the company says. From radiance and hydration to purification and graceful-aging, the range responds to consumers expectations for fully natural products.

“Centered on traditional botanical extracts, the J-Beauty ritual delivers the perfect balance between soul and body benefits through nutricosmetics. The #BeautyBoosters collection offers a complete beauty regime, bringing a wellbeing vibe thanks to its natural and well-known ingredients. It’s highly requested by a growing number of consumers for its potential to become the next star of a natural beauty routine,” says Melanie Duprat, Global Category Manager at Givaudan Active Beauty.

Evolving with time, the J-Beauty ritual “smoothly switches from traditional concoctions to modern beauty products,” the company explains. Its values, promoting radiant and healthy skin, echo with the fact that modern consumers consider having a beauty ritual as very important, especially in the Asian market. As Asian beauty trends proliferate, J-Beauty is the one attracting growing interest from global consumers, alongside K-Beauty (Korean beauty products and trends).

“Seen as the most efficient and natural beauty routine, the botanicals range answers perfectly to consumers, among which, according to a Givaudan Active Beauty study, 81 percent have bought a natural beauty product in the past 12 months,” adds Duprat.

The line follows each step of the ritual to get a pure and smoother skin in a 5+1 skin care regimen:

Step 1: Clean the skin with boswellia
One of the most important anti-inflammatory ingredients of Ayurvedic traditions, boswellia resin also possesses dermo-purifying and anti-wrinkles benefits thanks to its high content of boswellic acids.

Step 2: Gently exfoliate with hibiscus
Traditionally used in the preparation of Bissap (Karkadé), a refreshing African tea, this ingredient can provide radiance when used in cosmetic formulations.

Step 3: Tone the skin with lemon balm
Powered by an extraordinary skin whitening compound, lemon balm helps to prevent the action of the tyrosinase, the enzyme involved in the synthesis of melanin and darkening of the skin.

Step 4: Apply the concentrated serum with aloe vera
Used since ancient times and known for its hydrating and moisturizing properties, aloe vera has recently enjoyed a subsequent boom in popularity, notes Givaudan.

Step 5: Protect the skin with green tea
Famous all over the world for its wellness and beauty functionalities, green tea is an evergreen shrub extraordinarily rich in polyphenols that provides the best antioxidant activity.

This five-step regimen can be enhanced each week with a face mask powered by natural extracts with powerful skincare benefits such as acerola, turmeric and cranberry, the three of them featuring anti-ageing and whitening properties, the company adds.

To prove its sustainable sourcing practices, Givaudan Active Beauty applies its “sustainable pathfinder program” tailored to the local communities, as well listening to communities and understanding the particularities of their environment, to seven of the eight extracts. Acerola has been assigned a “gold pathfinder level,” while aloe vera was recognized with a silver level and green tea, lemon balm, hibiscus, turmeric and cranberry were ranked at bronze level.

A prolific year
Givaudan Active Beauty has had a prolific twelve months with constant new launches added to its portfolio. Last week, it unveiled Koffee’Up, a science-backed premium coffee oil, crafted using upcycling techniques. The ingredient is hailed as the “new argan oil” for the beauty industry, due to its “myriad of facial skin care benefits” such as hydration, protection and anti-aging.

The company also unveiled two active ingredients crafted by “green biotechnology,” after a year into its partnership with South Korean plant cell culture company, BIO-FD&C. Earlier this year, Givaudan also unveiled Sensory Crush, a collection of three naturally colored face masks that are touted as meeting the beauty expectations of Gen Z consumers. The masks were specially designed for the “skintellectual’ generation” and tap into the trend for natural ingredients, especially in the colorings and dyes sector.

In March, Givaudan Active Beauty released yet another “breakthrough innovation” in skin care. Synchronight is an active cosmetic ingredient derived from gardenia fruit extract designed to protect the skin from so-called “digital stress.”

Another of the company’s significant innovation includes what is touted as the “world’s first” instant microbiome analysis and profiling system, coined i-MAPS. The technology allows Givaudan’s customers to expand their product offerings to include skincare products that are tailored to the unique microbiome of their consumers.

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