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Personalized neuro enhancements: Yuno launches beverages range to boost energy, focus and memory

US-based beverage brand Yuno has launched a line of “BioTactical Drinks” designed to be mixed and matched to promote energy, focus, memory retention, relaxation and improve sleep. The beverages are made with over 100 natural superfood ingredients and seek to maximize body and mind nutrition, the company details. Moreover, the ingredients were scientifically chosen and formulated through a proprietary process to increase bioavailability, natural absorption and hydration. The blends available at launch are Energy, Focus, Memory, Uplift, Zen and Dream.

“Yuno uses a combination of spices, herbs and superfoods in the right balance, to offer a truly unique drink for any consumer. The drinks contain prebiotic and probiotic strains, support hydration and electrolyte balance, promote anti-inflammatory properties, alleviate general daily stress and anxiety and support immunity,” explains Shenkeri Chandramohan, Co-Founder of Yuno.

“Yuno BioTactical Drinks stimulate a healthy gut-brain balance to improve mental acuity and foster long-term holistic health,” he adds.

Mood food
Yuno says that with its six unique blends, there is a drink for whatever situation consumers may encounter and need to tackle. By mixing and matching the six different Yuno drinks, there are hundreds of combinations. The effects of the ingredients in the drinks can last up to eight hours, providing users with the boosts that they desire, the company adds.

Innova Market Insights reports that physical and mental health are now equally important to consumers. Product launches with nootropics are having a moment, reflected by an average annual growth of 70 percent in product launches (Global, CAGR 2015 to 2019). Moreover, a 2018 Innova Market Insights survey also found that eight out of ten consumers agreed that mental health is as important as physical health to their overall well-being, rising to nine out of ten respondents in China, US and Brazil.

In a 2019 Innova Market Insights Consumer Survey, 32 percent of UK consumers and 39 percent of US consumers claimed to experience stress at least once a day. According to the market researcher, botanical ingredients are increasingly featuring in related NPD. In brain health launches, the use of Ginkgo biloba jumped by 21 percent from 2014 to 2018, while hemp increased by 16 percent.

Natural ingredients trending
Yuno is 100 percent natural with a six-month shelf life and does not require refrigeration. All of Yuno’s drinks are gluten-free, paleo and keto friendly, vegan and free of wheat, dairy, soy, egg, fish and peanuts. The beverages deliver a “uniquely refreshing experience,” according to the company and are naturally sweetened with monk fruit and other naturally flavorful spices, herbs and superfoods.

According to Yuno, the ingredients found in each blend contain a balance of active phytochemicals such as: carotenoids, polyphenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins and others. These ingredients have been scientifically studied and have been shown to improve certain functions.

Yuno says it uses ingredients shown to support the immune system daily. For example, oregano and elderberries are highly concentrated and support daily immunity to help the mind and body, and give gut bacteria a boost.

The drinks also provide a mind and body boost by utilizing unique ingredients that have shown to potentially help support different areas’ executive function to facilitate the needs of individuals at different times. Yuno says it offers naturally available caffeine with no jitters and crashes. The utilization of ingredients with natural caffeine along with other botanical ingredients has been shown to increase energy sustainability and help promote a healthy body with increased vitality and energy. In addition, Yuno blends contain natural nootropics which are designed to improve intelligence, memory and focus.

Other notable nootropic and mood boosting NPD includes Koios, a beverage brand seeking to disrupt the industry with its nootropics-infused products that boast benefits such as improved attention and mental capacity, memory and cognition, as well as boosted overall brain and body performance.

Ami Wellness also recently unveiled a new product category targeting pain relief for women. Using adaptogenic plants to heal and balance the body for a natural path to wellness, the products’ development was led by experts in Western herbalism and Chinese medicine, the company says.

Lastly, US-based beverage brand mood33 launched a line of hemp-infused herbal teas that contain organic, full-spectrum hemp extract. The company markets the range as “mindfully sweetened to create six bliss-inducing flavors,” bringing consumers the beneficial effects of the hemp plant in an herbal iced tea drink format.

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