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“Skintellectual” generation: Givaudan launches naturally colored face masks for Gen Z

Givaudan Active Beauty has unveiled Sensory Crush, a collection of three naturally colored face masks that are touted as meeting the beauty expectations of Gen Z consumers. The masks were “specially designed for the ‘skintellectual’ generation” and tap into the trend for natural ingredients, especially in the colorings and dyes sector. The masks feature upbeat, trending Gen Z terminology in their branding to appeal to their young target demographic, says Givaudan.

“A blend of innovative packaging, sensorial textures and energizing fragrances makes these masks a perfect mix of naturalness and efficacy. We offer Gen Z consumers a collection with names that speak to them. DAR! is used to express terrific moments; OKLM for a slow pace; and EN BOMBE! for the gorgeousness,” notes Pauline Martin, Global Communications and Events Manager at Givaudan Active Beauty.

Launched at Cosmet’Agora in Paris, France, Sensory Crush includes powerful ingredients combining the world of naturals and innovation to address the beauty expectations of the trendsetting generation.

“DAR! – French for LIT!”The mask is marketed as the “best friend of party animals.” This exfoliating mask (powered by Biogomm’age, the newest sustainable and eco-friendly solution for skin and scalp exfoliation) has purifying properties due to the rutin, active molecule extracted from Sophora Japonica it contains. It is also regenerative due to a natural extract of papaya and detoxifying with the help of activated carbon. To mimic the color of papaya, the beta-carotene found in Dunaliella algae (Orange-WD-L) has been mixed with carmine red (Red-WS-P). The formula then transforms from orange to black as the activity of charcoal beads is released during scrubbing.

“OKLM – French for CHILLAX”
Touted as an “official cocooning partner,” by the company, this night mask has antioxidant properties thanks to a natural extract of yuzu. This, in addition to Yogurtene Balance calms and moisturizes the skin. Upon application, its refreshing effect is said to soothe tensions felt during the day. To obtain a creamy and smooth yellow, Dunaliella natural dye (Orange-WD-L) was used.

“EN BOMBE! – French for ON FLEAK!”
The mask also restores the energy and vitality of the skin due to the natural extract of dragon fruit it contains. Its honey texture becomes milky when massaged on the face with water. After rinsing, it eradicates stress (with the help of neurophroline active botanical extract of tephrosia purpera traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine) and gives a luminous effect to the skin. Echoing the dragon fruit, the color of this mask was obtained through anthocyanins (Red-OD-P), a natural dye found in leaves, petals and fruits.

The launch marks the first one for Givaudan in 2020. Last year, the company launched a number of products that all boast natural ingredients. With the appeal of botanicals accelerating, Givaudan launched a botanical skincare concept also designed for Generation Z consumers, boasting “Instagrammable skin.” The release of My Blue Guard High Defence was a bid to tap into the “clean beauty” trend, as it contains 95 percent natural ingredients, the company notes.

The company also launched a vegan hair care line, a microencapsulated, stabilized retinol ingredient and a number of botanical skin solutions. Its most significant launch, however, was the “world’s first” instant microbiome analysis and profiling system, coined i-MAPS. The technology allows Givaudan’s customers to expand their product offerings to include skincare products that are tailored to the unique microbiome of their consumers.

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